Our friends at Ballet have sent us a unique crypto wallet and we’d like to pass it over to you. The best thing? It holds .005 BTC that you can HODL or SPEDN!

Ballet is a unique “luxury” crypto wallet that has no moving parts. It’s basically a very secure device that lets you manage your crypto without much complexity.

What do you have to do? Please comment below with what you’re looking for in a modern tech/gadgets blog. We really need your input if we’re going to continue this process. We’ll pick one winner after January 1 and send you the wallet. Should be a nice way to recharge your bank account after the holiday.

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2 thoughts on “Win .005 BTC from Ballet and Knapsack”
  1. It depends who your target audience is for a tech blog. Main stream users are looking for usability and simple language. Tech enthusiasts would want much more in-depth reviews

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