Or, you know, whatever threat may end up threatening your digital universe. How so? Well, just-announced today is a partnership between Vizio and Square Enix and the new Marvel’s Avengers video game which is releasing on September 4.

So, how is it that an electronics company is partnering up with a video game company? Well, you can look to Crystal Dynamics for that, given that they’re the development house behind the game. They feel that the recently released TVs and soundbars (which we rounded up here) are well-equipped to handle everything that they’ve put into the game.

Of all the various specs and such that there are, I think of the more interesting things in this, from the Vizio side of things, is how the new TVs can pick up on what sort of signal is coming in on the HDMI port, and automatically adjust settings on the TV for optimal performance. In other words, the TV knows if you’re watching a movie from a streaming player or you’re pushing a video game in from a console, and then, say, up the refresh rate. Sure, on most sets you can play around with the settings, but to have it intelligently and automatically flip things over, that’s just awesome in my book.

While I know I’ve been removed from the video game and console worlds for a bit (I’ve got my old PS2 kicking around here somewhere), this is the first that I can recall hearing an official TV and soundbar being selected for a game launch. So, that’s a bit unique. If you want to know what hardware from Vizio is intended in the partnership, you’ll want to check out the roundup we did a bit ago. Past that, you can on over to PlayAvengers for details on the game, and of course Vizio for details on the hardware.

By Patrick Kansa

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