This robot can shoot UV light into hard-to-reach places

This robot can shoot UV light into hard-to-reach places

While ADAMM S-UV won’t stick its harm down your throat, this semi-autonomous system can wave a UV wand around surfaces and even open drawers and closets to disinfect objects.

The robot has a light and an arm. It moves around waving its UV light on surfaces to kill germs and then can use its pinchers to reach hard-to-access areas.

From the site:

ADAMMS-UV is a semi-autonomous mobile manipulator that uses UV light wand mounted on a robot arm to reach spaces that cannot be treated by UV source mounted on the mobile base. It can use the gripper to open drawers, closets and manipulate objects to perform a detailed sanitization on hard to reach surfaces. ADAMMS-UV is controlled by a remote operator located far away from the risk zone.

A remote operator controls the robot and can use its autonomous features to move things around automatically. It’s a cool little bit of tech that could make disinfection a lot easier.

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