This portable speaker is crafted out of a lynx skull

This portable speaker is crafted out of a lynx skull

This cyberpunk-styled bluetooth speaker is weird enough to make Neo refuse to take the Red Pill.

Based on a casting of a real lynx skull, the Kranio melds metals, plastics, and silicone with a 3D print of a lynx skull. The speaker surrounds the skull and offsets its creepiness, thus making it look like something out of William Gibson’s junk drawer.

How does it sound? Well, I mean it is a lynx skull with as speaker in it, so…

Kranio is a speaker with an acoustic transmission line. Its internal structure is designed to produce sound in an undistorted manner to preserve the integrity of the sound waveform. We use Bluetooth 5.0 for better sound quality and an operating range of up to 15 meters or approx. 50 feet.

The creators have also teamed up with Suicide Girls to offer one-off graphics featuring scantily clad and heavily tattooed ladies folding the skull, in case that’s your jam.

A regular Kranio costs $220 on Kickstarter while the upgraded Kranio X with some extra goodies costs $361. They’ll even send you a model of the entire thing so you can print your own cyberpunk lynx skull in the privacy of your hacker den.

After all, as they say, the future is already here. It’s just not evenly distributed inside of a lynx skull yet. The Kranio ships in May 2020.

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