Camping blankets have definitely become more of a “thing” in the past few years. Sure, there were always blankets you’d have to spread out at the beach or for a picnic, but I’m talking ones that look like unfurled your sleeping bag, and have it wrapped around you for some warmth. One of the latest to catch my eye is the Voited Recycled Ripstop Outdoor Camping Blanket.

What makes the Voited Recycled Ripstop Outdoor Camping Blanket is its versatility. Packed up, it works as a pillow. Unpacked, of course, it’s a blanket. Fold it over, and now you’ve got a sleep sack. Use the snaps and put it over your shoulders, now you’ve got a hands-free cape. Oh, and those snaps? If you’ve got more than one of these blankets, you can connect them together and create an even larger envelope of warmth.

The Voited Recycled Ripstop Outdoor Camping Blanket also helps reduce landfill impact, as the nylon used in it is made from recycled plastic bottles (just be careful around embers, as it’ll melt), and treated to make it water and stain resistant. The fill inside of it is also synthetic, but acts like a down. All in all, it makes for a machine-washable blanket that surely would find a lot of uses around the campsite.

I wouldn’t rely on the Voited Recycled Ripstop Outdoor Camping Blanket to be your only layer of warmth in early spring or late fall camping, but it certainly is a compact and portable addition. And it sure beats dragging your sleeping bag out of the tent and having that get all dirty by the campfire. There are 16 different patterns available – $99.90 for the plain, and $114.90 for the printed – direct from

Product Details from Voited

Packed: 36x16x16cm (13.2x5x5inch)
Pillow: 38x38x10cm (15x15x4inch)
Blanket: 137x203cm (54x80inch)

Teflon EcoElite™ Coating 50D 100% Recycled Ripstop REPREVE® 3D Synthetic Featherlight Fiber insulation made out of 100% yarn 50D 100% Recycled Ripstop REPREVE® + Teflon EcoElite™


1100gr (2.42lbs/ 38.8oz)

Warmth Rating:
To be used for extra comfort during chilly evenings and cooler nights. Provides warmth up until around 13°C/55F* *Temperatures have been tested extensively, however the results remain subjective. Recommended lowest temperature.

Fabric and Technology

At the centre of our three-layer sandwich construction we use 3D Featherlight Fiber, a super breathable and warm micro-thermal fill insulation. This gives VOITED blankets improved rebound, a lofty touch, warmth like with down and allows for conventional machine washing.

 Add to this our recycled Ripstop REPREVE® outer fabric with Teflon EcoElite™ treatment for improved water and stain resistance and you have a super versatile blanket that will quickly become your go to outdoor accessory.

By Patrick Kansa

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