When it comes to mophie, the juice pack is one of their products that I’m the most familiar with. Back in the day, I had one for my wife’s iPhone 5, and I also traveled with a more recent iteration on my iPhone 6s. While those cases are as slim as they can be and still be useful, the advent of Qi charging opens up new levels of flexibility. That’s what the mophie juice pack connect is bringing to the table.

The first part of the mophie juice pack connect is an adhesive pad that can be put onto the back of any phone or case (just make sure it’s less than 3mm thick). When you don’t need extra electrons, you can slide a small stand that kicks your phone up, or helps you to grip the phone. When you need extra juice, some fun stuff happens.

First, you slide the stand out of the bit that’s adhered onto the phone. Then, you slide the battery pack of the mophie juice pack connect onto that anchor, turn it on, and let it charge up your phone. Once you’re done? You take it off, and you’re back to having a slim phone.

Frankly, stuff like the mophie juice pack connect is just plain great. For me, travel means carrying a battery pack and cable to charge up my phone, or using the bulkier battery case. At some point when I upgrade to a Qi-enabled phone, the extra 5000 mAh battery of the mophie juice pack connect is going to be something I’ll be very interested in. It can be yours – today – for $79.95. zagg.com

By Patrick Kansa

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