This is the in sound from way out, baby. What happens when you hook up 1000 oscillators to make sound?

From the earliest synthesizers, from Lev Theremin, to Moog, to Buchla, and more, sound is oscillation.

What’s that sound like, and how’s it work?

Voltage Controlled Oscillators (VCOs) are used in synthesizers to convert a DC signal from the power supply into an AC signal. The signal oscillates at a certain frequency, generating a sound. The frequency of a VCO can be adjusted via input voltage or current modulation.

That’s it. That’s a synth at the basic level. There are other details – resistor oscillators, phase lock loops to keep everything in phase, and more, but that’s the basic building block.

So, here for your listening pleasure, is a mad man who wired up 1000 oscillators. Please wear headphones or use your good speakers.

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