The other day, Facebook put Facebook Messenger into Instagram. This move was threatened for ages, and it was clear that they planned to integrate Messenger, Instagram, and WhatsApp. But Oculus… everyone forgot about Oculus.

To be fair, lots of people forget about Oculus. Unless you have one, or are super into VR, you could be forgiven for forgetting about Oculus.

Beginning immediately, if you want to use Oculus, and are a first time user, you need to sign into it with a Facebook account.

If you have an account already, in 2023, you’ll have to use a Facebook account. There’s no guarantee that you’ll be able to keep any content you had before, you’re at Facebook’s mercy.

Palmer Luckey, who created Oculus before selling it to Facebook had promised people that this would never happen. A figurative million people are reminding him of that now, and I imagine him saying, ‘they promised me they never would do this’

The problem with selling something you own is that when you sell, you lose control over it. All promises of this kind go out the window.

If you’re into VR, this is a shame – Facebook is one of the biggest investors into VR. If it can be done, they’ve tried it or tried to acquire it.

Other VR headsets, like HP’s Reverb, tend to require a gaming PC to be tethered to it.

And this isn’t the only kind of space Facebook is looking to enter. They still make and sell the Portal device, basically an Amazon Echo Show with motor to follow your face around. They’ve added Zoom integration to that.

Look for WhatsApp integration next. At some point soon, Facebook is going to require a Facebook account on everything, with unified messaging across all the apps.

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