I’ve become quite curious and intrigued by what BioLite produces ever since I first laid eyes on their Camp Stove (which we reviewed earlier this year), and discovered they’ve got a Fire Pit that uses similar tech. That’s not all they do. I thought I was set for headlamps, and then I got word of the BioLite Headlamp 750, which was just announced today.

Now, this is not to say that the headlamp I have currently is garbage. It’s actually a quite nice one, and works a charm for things like camping, reading a paperback in the dark, or even working on the car. But one spot where I realized that it wasn’t as great was when I started jogging early in the morning to get some activity when my gym closed down. It worked, but it used the standard configuration where the light has the batteries right with it on the front of your head – and that’s something that bounces around a touch.

On the other hand, the BioLite Headlamp 750 is supposed to have zero bounce (we’ll see if we can get one in for a hands-on review later this year when it’s released, to test that claim). This is in part by the molded front piece that curves to your head (but still allows for adjustments to the angle of the light), as well as the fact that the rechargeable battery pack is on the back of your head.

By having that battery pack in the back of the BioLite Headlamp 750, you get another great benefit for those who are out exercising before (or after) it’s light out – you have a red light back there, that can either be blinking or solid on. In other words, drawing attention to whoever is coming up behind you (be it on a bike or in a car) that there’s a pedestrian there.

One other fun thing on the BioLite Headlamp 750 actually also involves the battery pack. Now, it’s rechargeable, and can run for up to 150 hours. If you’re using the higher-intensity beams, of course that’s reduced. However, it has a function called “Run Forever” mode. With that, you can hook another external battery pack (perhaps housed in a backpack or pocket) into the built-in pack, and keep the light beam flowing.

All in all, it seems to offer a lot of interesting functionality. Just announced today, the BioLite Headlamp 750 is up for preorder at BioLiteEnergy or REI for $99.95; delivery anticipated by the end of October 2020. bioliteenergy.com

Technical Specs from BioLite

  • Weight = 150g (5.29oz)
  • Lumen Options = 750 LUMENS BURST / 500 LUMENS HIGH, / 5 LUMENS LO (reserve mode)
  • Light Modes (8) ALL DIMMABLE:
    • White Spot
    • White Flood
    • White Spot + Flood
    • 30-second BURST
    • White Strobe
    • Red Flood
    • Red Tail Light
    • Red Tail Strobe
  • Maximum Beam Length = 130M
  • Battery = USB Rechargeable 3,000mAh Li-Ion Battery
  • Run Time = 150 LO / 7 HI Burn Time
  • Safety Feature: Reserve Power Mode = 8 hours on LO
  • Constant Mode = 500 Lumens over the course of 2 hours
  • Reserve Power Mode: 8+ hours of battery life (5 Lumens)
  • 3 Foot Run Forever Cable with Pass-Thru charging capabilities
  • Articulating Front Bezel
  • Proprietary 3D SlimFit Construction with Moisture-Wicking Fabric
  • Weather Resistance = IPX4
  • Battery Lock-out Mode for Safe Transit & Battery Conservation
  • Available in two colors: Midnight Grey & Moss Green

By Patrick Kansa

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