Hey, so you probably recall how we reviewed the Biolite Firepit back in November, right? If you tried picking one up after that writeup, you may have had trouble finding it. Well, it’s back in stock, and the Biolite FirePit has had some nice upgrades built in.

Now, just as with the prior model, the Biolite FirePit is an elongated shape (to take advantage of standard split log lengths) along with a battery pack and fan to help push the air through and get the fire going – and keep it going – whether you’re running charcoal or wood. So, what are the upgrades? Here’s the quick list:

  • Upgraded body design radiates heat outwards
  • Upgraded high-tech enamel coating for durability and easy cleaning
  • Upgraded larger battery for longer burn times (30H Lo, 14 on MD, 7 on HI)

The heat radiation will no doubt be appreciated on those cooler evenings, and the tougher enamel coating (the original looks to have relied on a simple sprayed-on coating) will help keep it looking sharp over time. And of course, that longer runtime on the battery pack just means you should be set for a full weekend of campfires.

The base Biolite FirePit is available for $249.95, and you can also get a kit that has a number of nice accessories (including a cover that works for grilling, as well as containing sparks) coming in at $373.28. Check it all out over at bioliteenergy.com

By Patrick Kansa

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