Read the first chapter of Star Wars: Poe Dameron – Free Fall, by Alex Segura

You like wars in the stars? What started as a samurai-cowboy-space opera became a cultural identity, and funded effects research that changed movie-making and story-telling forever.

In the original and latest generation of these stories, there’s a character that stands out – the character of the rogue with a soft spot. We emailed with Alex Segura, the author, and we are privileged to share the first chapter of Star Wars: Poe Dameron – Free Fall with you.


Watch this LEGO Droid orchestra play the Star Wars Theme

If you watch one video of a bunch of droids playing the Star Wars Theme, please make it this one. Created by conductor Sam Battle, the entire orchestra consists of 46 R2-D2s, 26 mouse droids, and 23 gonk droids – among others – and features real instruments.

Battle, who spent 3,000 on the Star Wars project, previously created a screaming Furby organ.

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