How Sonos shat the bed

If you ever want to see how a company can destroy years of goodwill in a few seconds, look no further than the recent Sonos kerfuffle involving software updates. Sonos has been around since 2001 and their original gear – speakers and a clever little tablet that predated the iPad by almost a decade – was revolutionary.


Sonos leaks a battery-powered audio player

A new audio called the Sonos Move leaked today, appearing on multiple gadget sites. The new device, a battery-powered and Bluetooth enabled smart speaker, is a portable Sonos system that connects to your home system.

The leaked photos first appeared on Win Future.

Specs are limited right now but we do know that it will charge via a dock and features Wi-Fi playback, a handle for carrying, and will support Air Play 2, Alexa, and Google Assistant via a built-in mic.

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