Rewound App: your iPod misses you

Remember how great iPods were? You’d scroll through your music library with lightning speed thanks to the touch wheel. It’d click comfortably in your hand, helping you navigate with ease. Louis Anslow has an app to bring all that joy back.


Please buy me this MIDI harmonica

Get. Out. This is a Lekholm Instruments DM48 Digital Chromatic Harmonica, a MIDI harmonica that plays just like a read reeded instrument but that can sound like anything.

I mean just watch this:

Now for the bad news. This crazy instrument is quite difficult to master – the company recommends extensive experience with synths – and it costs “7500 SEK (~750 EUR) including Swedish VAT plus shipping (~25 EUR). Non-EU customers avoid VAT and pay 6000 SEK (~720 USD) plus shipping (~30 USD).” That’s right: almost a grand for a harmonica that can resurrect the ghost of Charlie Parker. You can check it out here.

On second thought maybe I’ll just stick with my Hohner Marine Band.


These Field Notes x Wilco notebooks are not trying to break your heart

If you’re a fan of Americana-inspired mope rock and small paper notebooks, have we got something for you. Wilco, one of my favorite bands, and Field Notes, one of my favorite notebook makers, have teamed up to release something that can only be described as outtasite.

The notebooks were made in conjunction with members of the band. From the press release:

We paired each member of Wilco with an exceptional artist, handed them all the same limited palette of colors, and let them improvise. This “Wilco x Field Notes” Box Set is the result of that collaboration. The six Memo Books reflect the craft and talent of the artists and the passions and personalities of the musicians, and they’re waiting for your lyrics, set-lists, and show notes – or maybe your reminders, grocery lists, or meeting notes. Whatever it is, it’s always a good idea to write it down.

Field Notes is a great little business. They made their notebooks in America and I’ve used a few of them over the years. The artists in this special set include:

Jeff Tweedy & Aaron Draplin
Mikael Jorgensnen & John Gall
Glenn Kotche & Cody Hudson
Pat Sansone & Lauren Dickens
John Stirratt & Brett Stenson
Nels Cline & Lawrence Azerrad

I, for one, will use them to write notes for my heavy metal drummer. You can pick up the notebooks at WilcoWorld for $27.50.


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