Can Microsoft deliver where Google failed?

Remember Pixel buds? Google had this plan to sell earbuds that worked with Android to do real-time translation and Google Assistant. Reviews weren’t great. They had problems pairing, problems charging, and generally didn’t add to the experience, the way Siri via Apple AirPods seems to. Can Microsoft get wireless headphones right?


Microsoft is having a Labor Day sale and the Surface Book 2 is $500 off

One of my favorite laptops, the Surface Book 2, is $500 off in today’s Microsoft Labor Day sale. The Surface Book is pretty much the epitome of Windows 10 hardware just as the Pixel is probably the best Android phone. As a Mac user I never thought I’d say this but devices like the Surface “just work.”

Unfortunately the gateway drug of Surface devices, the Go, isn’t on sale but at $399 you can give the platform a try without breaking the bank. If you plan on using it as a daily driver, however, I’d get the faster one with more memory for $549.

Anyway, back to the BBQ.

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