Direct TV Now is now AT&T TV Now

In what amounts to a further bundling of data and entertainment, Direct TV Now will now be called AT&T TV Now. The companies began their merger in 2014.

The company reported the news in a press release.

What this means in practice isn’t much – if you use Direct TV Now, DTV’s streaming app, you will now be using AT&T Now. However, as The Verge notes, the two companies have competing streaming services and there is no confirmation whether AT&T steaming users will have DTV’s content and vice versa.

The Verge notes:

  • DirecTV Now is being rebranded to AT&T TV Now
  • AT&T TV, a separate streaming TV service, is coming soon
  • A single app called AT&T TV will be how users access both services

The bottom line? You’ll be seeing more AT&T and less Direct TV. I doubt anyone will be particularly upset by this barring DTV fanbois.

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