Amazon’s FireHD tablet adopts USB-C and Dolby Atmos

Amazon has its hands in a huge number of things these days. They want to do it all, from the Everything Store to creating a huge public surveillance network. Sometimes, it’s as benign as just launching an updated device to read books and listen to music on. Like this Kindle FireHD. Sometimes, they curate the features enough that it kicks ass. This is hard to do, when Kindle Fire sort of lives in the shadow of Android as a whole. (I write this, fully getting the irony that there aren’t any successful Android tablets outside of FireHD.)


The Kindle Paperwhite now comes in blue

I know what you’re saying: who cares? But given that all recent Kindles have been encased in black/blue plastic and the days of the weird beige Kindles are over, this is kind of big news.

Anyway, the news is pretty basic: the new Kindle Paperwhites now come in “Twilight Blue.” They’re also waterproof and all that jazz and they’re still the best readers out there so go ahead and laugh but they come in blue now and I’m happy. Sorry for the intrusion.

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