Overviewer for iOS turns your phone into a document camera

If you’re using Zoom or videoconferencing software, you’re familiar with the fact that your iPhone’s camera is excellent, and your computer or webcam are probably horrible.


Dice by PCalc will never leave you without a saving throw

If you’re a dedicated role-player you’ll know the satisfaction of holding a wonderful little bag of dice. The cold density of a D20, the oddness of a 4-sided, the perfection of a six-sided die – all of those are important to the gaming process.

But what if you want to automate the process? There’s the new Dice app for iOs and the Apple Watch that replaces that Crown Royal sack with something that looks like what Lobot would use on Cloud City.

The app, available for $1.99, lets you choose dice and then roll them individually or all at once. Need dice on your wrist? You can access the app on your Apple Watch and get a quick saving throw on the fly. While nothing beats the feel of four little geometric pieces of luck in your hand, this is the next best thing.

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