Sundial brings you back to your natural rhythms

Sundial brings you back to your natural rhythms

An app like Sundial should be on everyone’s phone. As the name suggests, it shows you sunrise and sunset as well as a full lunar calendar. It also allows you to create reminders in a unique and surprisingly elegant way.

From the creator:

Sundial provides a one-of-a-kind display of the sun and moon rise/set cycle over the 24 hour day. Key event times are displayed, such as sunrise, moonset, and days to next full and new moon. As the seasons change, the yellow ?sun is out? arc informs you of the precious daylight hours: shrinking during winter months and expanding as summer approaches. The white inner arc represents when the moon is visible in the sky. Civil, nautical, and astronomical twilights are shown on the solar dial.

The app is surprisingly good-looking and the multitude of features should make complicated watch lovers drool. It’s free on iOS and available now.

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