While we weren’t over at IFA for all of the fun news and hands-on, there were plenty of venerable outfits over there checking out all the stuff. One item in particular caught my eye, a sub-$100 pair of wireless headphones from Audio-Technica that Engadget played around with.

For me, wireless headphones were just a commodity necessity at the gym. Wired works, but wireless removes the wire bouncing around and making noise, and so I’ve gone through a couple pairs of inexpensive wireless headphones, and they worked. Then, when I tried out a pair of “true wireless” headphones for WWR, it was a revelation. With no wires in the way, you were left with just your music or podcast, and it’s a treat.

Now, with Audio-Technica, I’ve got some experience with their products. Back when my wife travelled a lot for work, we were looking for some noise-cancelling headphones. Bose was the gold standard at the time, and carried a pricetag to match. So, we did as one does and did some research, and found out, hey, Audio-Technica has some at 1/3rd of the price that were very favorably reviewed. Well, we got those, and I came away very impressed.

So, sure, I’m favorably disposed to Audio-Technica, as from my experience, they are providing a product that offers great value for the price charged. That seems to be the case once again with these new true wireless headphones that Engadget checked out. They’re compact, have a solid Qualcomm chip, and offer up 6 hours of battery life (with another 24 hours waiting in the charging case). All in all, this looks like a very nice affordable option for the gym-goers and commuters out there. Get the full rundown, and a snippet on a higher-end pair, over at

Images courtesy of Engadget

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