Just when you thought you could live your life without another Apple gadget, here comes the Apple Watch Series 7. But should you buy it?

The new watch is very similar to the current Apple Watch – the Apple Watch Series 6 – but it features a number of important improvements. The first and most interesting improvement is the massive screen complete with so-called wraparound edges. The device displays 50% more text on one screen and you’ll notice that the watch has a much smaller bezel than the previous versions.

It also adds a few Fitness solutions including e-bike ride sensing, Tai Chi, and more sensors for other sports.

New to the Apple Watch are input methods – formerly, you could use Siri or draw letters with your finger. The larger display has room for a keyboard. You can tap to enter text, or swipe between letters to spell words. It will auto-correct as we’ve come to expect from phones.

The new Apple Watch Series 7 is now IP6X dust-resistant, so you won’t have to worry about dust getting in around buttons and damaging it. The wrap-around crystal is more durable than in years past, to prevent breaking the display. Water-resistance remains 50 meters, as in the past.

Also the same as previous generations is the 18-hour battery life. What’s new in charging is this: the charging architecture has been redesigned internally, and charging it with a new USB-C charger will provide 8 hours of sleep tracking on just 8 minutes charge. The USB-C charger will charge the Series 7 watch 33% faster.

Now here’s the bad news: you’ll be spending $399 for the lowest-end smallest-size version of the Series 7. You can get the Series 7 with cellular built-in as well, which will add a few hundred to the price.

Honestly: do not buy the Series 3 watch. It’s several years old now, and slow. Many users report that they have to erase the watch entirely in order to have enough internal storage space just to update it. The Apple Watch SE is a much better choice.

The Apple Watch Series 7 is available in 5 new colors, Starlight, Midnight, Green, PRODUCT(RED), and Blue, for the aluminum model. 

The Series 3 is $199 while the Apple Watch SE is $279. While we can’t recommend the Series 3, the SE is still a good watch unless you simply must have the bigger screen, or blood oxygen (pulse oximeter) testing, not available on the SE. If you use the Apple Watch daily, an upgrade makes sense. If you don’t, or use it simply for exercise, there is little need to upgrade immediately, especially since the most important feature — the ECG and blood oxygen sensors — are available on the earlier models.

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