Apple is holding an event on October 18 which they’re calling “Unleashed.” The event is set for the day before Google’s Pixel event, strategically to capture all the attention from Google’s phones. Here’s what I think you can expect to see from the event:


Tim Cook and others (Joz?) will come out and recap the past announcements for the year – iPhone, iPad, iOS15, and…


Recap the M1 chip, its use in iPad Pro, MacBook Air, 13″ Pro, iMac, Mac mini… and now, the M1X, Apple’s best chip ever, presumably in a 13″ and 16″ MacBook Pro.


They showed a good bit about macOS Monterey back at WWDC. Now it’s time to give a big public overview as it’s about to launch.


It’s been a while since Apple have talked about AirPods, AirPods Pro, and AirPods Max. Expect a new version of some of them.

Where to watch

The Unleashed event will be 10AM PT, October 18, 2021, and viewable on YouTube, where they’ve been streaming events live.

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