ReVolt does away with pesky batteries

I am, as you’d suspect given I have three kids, really tired of batteries. A new product called ReVolt may help me in my exhaustion.

ReVolt is basically a rechargeable battery system with a twist. Instead of requiring a bunch of batteries that eventually fail, the system uses snap-on rechargeable batteries that can also be powered via an external power port.

The team previously launched a similar product that turned anything into a USB powered device. This side is a bit more interesting in that it can turn all of your things – your calculators, your gameboys, and even your game controllers – into rechargeable systems.

You can take a look at the campaign here and a set of batteries costs $29 for a two battery kit. While I’m sure there is some associated with this solution, it definitely makes me want at least a few of these to try out. After all, I’m sure we all have some AA-eating devices in our homes right now that are literally driving us crazy.

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