By now, you should be familiar with SteelSeries, as we’ve reviewed some of their keyboards, mice, and mouse pads. That’s not all they make, as they’ve also got a range of headphones that can connect to your Playstation, Xbox, computer, and phone. Just a few days back, they launched their new flagship headset, the SteelSeries Arctis Nova Pro.

For the SteelSeries Arctis Nova Pro, they’ve also focused their Sonar Audio software, which are meant to work together in concert. With the software, you’re able to adjust your EQ (as you’d expect) but also the individual mix of things like the chat, game volume, and the like. Basically, you get some very fine-grained control over the audio reaching your ears.

Some of this can be controlled with the pod that comes with the SteelSeries Arctis Nova Pro. For the wireless version, it allows you to make EQ adjustments and control other settings. For the wired version, it also brings along a DAC (digital-to-analog converter) that further increases the quality of the sound that reaches your ears. I know a lot of us tend to prefer wireless freedom, but if you want quality, reliable audio, wired is the cleanest way to go. With the DAC – which also seems to offer the control pod capabilities of the wireless version – it really steps things up. Perhaps not needed for your work calls, but when it’s time to kick back with some games while chatting with friends on Discord, why not?

Though, for work calls (and those gaming sessions) the SteelSeries Arctis Nova Pro offers active noise cancellation (always appreciated) to keep the external noise from getting to your ears, as well as helping cut down what is transmitted on the mic. For those of you going wireless, you’ll be happy to know that those headsets have a dual battery setup, meaning you can charge one while using the other. In other words, UNLIMITED POWER! Sure beats what I’ve got to do with changing out headsets when one dies on me, I’ll say.

Pricing for the wired version of the SteelSeries Arctis Nova Pro comes in at $249.99, while cutting the cord takes you up to $349.99, while the Sonar Audio suite is offered for free (though only available for Windows), as part of their SteelSeries GG package. We’ve not tried out their audio products yet, but if they’re as good as the press release makes them sound (and as comfortable) they should be a pretty solid to upgrade your gaming audio. Check them out (for your system of choice) over at

Tech Specs from SteelSeries

Arctis Nova Pro Wireless | Arctis Nova Pro Wireless (Xbox) | Arctis Nova Pro Wireless (PlayStation)

  • Infinity Power System – Gaming, unchained. The Arctis Nova Pro Wireless headset provides unlimited battery life and always keeps players in the action with a dual-battery system. Gamers can charge the second battery while the first battery is in play.
  • Simultaneous Game & Mobile Audio – Play and communicate all ways with Quantum 2.0 Wireless. Gamers can mix two audio connections at the same time, engaging with friends over the phone while gaming on a PC or console. The powerful 2.4GHz wireless is perfect for earning that in-game hot streak while using Bluetooth for calls, Discord, music, or podcasts.
  • Active Noise Cancellation – Completely transport to another world like never before as Active Noise Cancellation (ANC) for gaming tunes out unnecessary distractions. The advanced 4-mic hybrid system removes outside sounds, while mics inside the earcups balance the audio for optimal clarity. For taking in surroundings, Transparency Mode is just a button press away with adjustable hear-through levels to suit each situation.
  • Wireless Base Station –Total control at the player’s fingertips. The Wireless Base Station acts as a command center across platforms and features adjustments for EQ, input device, volume, ChatMix, and much more on the fly, while never having to leave the game. The device remembers personal settings and a multi-function OLED display keeps users informed of battery life and other functions.

 Artis Nova Pro | Arctis Nova Pro (Xbox)

  • GameDAC Gen2 – Adding to the ability to control and enhance the supercharged sound, the Arctis Pro introduces GameDAC Gen2 to complete the ‘Almighty Audio’ experience with Hi-Res Audio Certification and a built-in amplifier. A new ESS Sabre Quad-DAC boosts the game audio with a 78% purer signal, bringing ultra-low levels of noise and distortion. The Arctis Nova Pro elevates the audio resolution to a sublime 96KHz/24-Bit, standing above the competition with 50x more detailed sound. The GameDAC Gen2 also acts as a command center across platforms. Gamers can easily set up the perfect audio, for a console or PC, by using the multi-function OLED display, which stores personal settings. Adjust the EQ, input device, volume, ChatMix, and so much more with a touch of the finger.


  • Arctis Nova Pro – $249.99 (NA) |€279.99 (EMEA) |$279.99 (APAC)
  • Arctis Nova Pro (Xbox) – $249.99 (NA) |€279.99 (EMEA) |$279.99 (APAC)
  • Arctis Nova Pro Wireless – $349.99 (NA) |€379.99 (EMEA) |$379.99 (APAC)
  • Arctis Nova Pro Wireless (Xbox) – $349.99 (NA) |€379.99 (EMEA) |$379.99 (APAC)
  • Arctis Nova Pro Wireless (PlayStation) – $349.99 (NA) |€379.99 (EMEA) |$379.99 (APAC)
  • SteelSeries Sonar Audio Suite – Free Download at:

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