NFTs have gotten a bad reputation. Like collectibles, but with nothing tangible to actually collect or enjoy, they’ve made a few artists some good money, but not many. Rare.Market changes this up a little.

Traditionally, an NFT purchase gets you a record on a blockchain indicating ownership, and a download of the work. The claim is that while the work can be downloaded and copied (because a digital copy is a lossless faithful reproduction), that the blockchain preserves unique ownership.

This claim rings false for skeptics. “What have you bought? What do you have to show for it?” Rare.Market fixes some of this by adding physicality to the winning bid. Depending on the artist’s choice, the winner may receive physical artwork, a high-resolution scan of the artwork, in addition to the NFT registration on the blockchain.

If you were a real collector, you’d like something to actually, you know, collect. fixes this one simple problem that NFTs were having a hard time explaining to people used to the physical nature of the world.

And seriously, if you spend large cash on something, it would make sense to have something you can display to show for it.

The artists that have made the most impressive sales have thus far been ones who have been putting in work for years, either becoming known for a style of artwork, or even making a new piece out of a collage of years’ worth of work. In all cases, the big sales are mostly to artists who have slowly built a fanbase.

Prices are in ETH, and there are a decent number of pieces available at this time. Among the auctions is a Banksy print, with certificate of authenticity.

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