Earlier this week, Google announced the new Pixel 4a and Pixel 4a (5g) and Pixel 5 (you can see that here). Well, you know that protection for those devices wouldn’t be far behind. One of our favorite protection brands, Zagg, is here with new Gear4 cases and InvisibleShield screen protectors for those devices.

While most of us here at KN are sipping the Apple punch, there’s no denying the Pixel lineup at being the forefront of the Android OS pack, particularly when you’re balancing performance and affordability.

On the case front, you’ve got the Gear4 Crystal Palace (the clear one above) and the Wembley Pallette (also above). Both of these look to be fairly tight to the phone, so they’re not adding that much bulk. Even so, you can still get a 10- to 13-foot drop protection rating, so your brand new phone should be handily protected. One new feature for these cases, in pandemic times, is an anti-bacterial treatment that is infused into the cases, helping to kill off common surface bacteria. The Wembley Palette is available for $29.99, and the Crystal Palace is going for $39.99. [For reference, we’ve reviewed other Gear4 cases here]

Of course, a case is just one part of the equation – while I’ve eschewed them in the past, I’ve quickly become a fan of tempered glass screen protectors for phones, and have been impressed with the InvisibleShield options the brand has to offer (we reviewed one here, and have some more in the works for other devices). As with their prior offerings, you’ve got three different levels of protection available:

  • Glass Elite VisionGuard+?($49.99 SRP)
    • The premier screen protector for the Pixel 4a, Glass Elite VisionGuard+ not only protects against impacts, fingerprints, and the most common surface bacteria, but also reduces exposure to harmful high-energy visible (HEV)?blue light which can contribute to digital eye strain. An integrated Eyesafe??technology layer filters harmful HEV blue light to promote better eye health without distorting the colors of the device screen.
  • Glass Elite+?($39.99 SRP)
    • The next step in the evolution of glass screen protection, Glass Elite+ integrates ion exchange technology to increase the surface compression of the glass, making it extremely resistant to scratches, chips, cracks, and impact forces. The silky, smooth finish makes it feel as good as the device display.
  • Glass+?($24.99 SRP)
    • As an entry point solution into InvisibleShield?s glass lineup, Glass+ features a proprietary Ion Matrix? technology that strengthens at the molecular level, making Glass+ strong enough to withstand the rigors of daily use. The surface finishing process removes glass imperfections to increase durability and deliver remarkable touch sensitivity and image clarity. ?

While it might seem expensive to put a $25-$50 piece of glass on top of your phone screen, it’s undoubtedly a lot cheaper – and more convenient – to have that take the abuses of daily life than it is to take your phone in to get the screen replaced. The addition of the anti-bacterial treatment, well, that’s just another bonus.

All of these items, as well as the broader range of cases and glass protection for other devices, can be found at zagg.com, as well as directly from Verizon (which we talked about here). Invisible Shield / Gear4

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