Olive Pro are wireless headphones, and we’ve seen a lot of these in the past couple of years. But Olive Pro are the first FDA Class II medical device headphones I can remember hearing about.

Imagine if you took your hi-fi earbuds that already do things like noise cancellation. They have microphones on the outsides to listen to the noise and choose what to eliminate. Lots of products do this.

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Olive Pro combines this with an app and some artificial intelligence to decide what to isolate, what to enhance. And they’re FDA approved.

I should mention: these aren’t traditional hearing aids like you’d get prescribed. You don’t go to an audiologist, and you don’t pay $4000 dollars (hearing aids cost huge amounts of cash.) But, they’re much more affordable, and depending on the kind of hearing assistance you need, can do the job. And they don’t have the social stigma of looking like traditional hearing aids.

You download the app, and set up a profile. It takes about 5 minutes of answering questions about what sounds you hear, and customizes your hearing by optimizing frequencies to your profile.

At the same, time, it cancels out background noises and feedback. The onboard mics?to capture, isolate, filter and reduce distracting background noises, and amplify the sounds you’re actually trying to hear.

And that alone would be pretty cool. But on top of that, they’re using two balanced armature speaker elements in each ear, so that you get high quality sound reproduction, and more than 18 hours of battery life.

Olive Pro pre-orders are open now, and start at $149 USD, 50% off the MSRP of $299. To find out more, check out OliveUnion.com.

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