I’m convinced that a mechanical keyboard provides a much more satisfying typing experience than you’ll get off of the plain-jane membrane keyboard that comes with most computers or laptops you get these days (disclaimer: I’m testing a membrane keyboard now that approaches the mechanical feel). One argument against mechanical keyboards could be that they all look the same, and mimic keyboard designs of 50 years ago. Well, the recently launched Vissles LP85 definitely has a more modern look.

Specifically, the Vissles LP85 looks much like the Apple Magic Keyboard, in terms of key shape, height, and just overall aeasthetics. Unlike that Apple one, though, the Vissles LP85 relies on optical-mechanical switches. By that, I mean it’s relying on a light beam to register your keypress, rather than engaging a metal contact. Still, there’s some springiness under the key, so you still have that mechanical feel. By relying on light, that allows the keycaps to be much thinner, and gives you a lower profile keyboard. That just look sharp, of course, and could even provide some ergonomic relief if taller keys are giving you problems.

Keeping with that modern theme, the Vissles LP85 features customizable RGB backlighting, and can connect to your device via a cable (USB-C) or bluetooth, meaning that you can use this across a variety of devices. If you’re using Bluetooth, it can be paired by up to three devices, and you can switch between them with a keypress, so you can work on what you need.

The Vissles LP85 just launched last week, but it’s already smashed through it’s funding goals. Earlybird pricing starts at $99, and you can get it in a Mac or Windows layout, and in either black or white keys. As to when you’ll be able to start typing on it, you’ll need to be patient, as shipping is anticipated in late January. Check it out over at kickstarter.com / vissles.com

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