Whenever I’m considering what gear – and specifically, what clothing – to bring on a camping trip, one big consideration is “will this melt if it gets an ember on it?” That’s the issue with synthetic materials – while they can be breathable and waterproof, they’ll not stand up to heat. That is, until this Trekka Element Jacket hit Kickstarter.

In many ways, the Trekka Element Jacket looks like a basic – if interesting – winter jacket. Here, it’s using solid panels for insulation from Polartec. You can think of it sort of like going from loose, fluffy insulation in your walls to solid panels – less seams to deal with in a jacket, and less stitches, means less heat getting out and cold air getting in.

So, how is it that the Trekka Element Jacket is able to withstand embers from a campfire? The material used here is Nomex – the very same stuff that firefighters and race car drivers (to name a few professions) use to keep from getting burnt. So, frankly, seems like a great use. It also seems like it brings some stellar abrasion resistance to the table as well, so another bonus for the outdoors.

Along with all that, you’ve got some high-end water repellency, eight different pockets (great for carrying all manner of things) and an integrated hood. So, if you’re camper – or just like hanging out by the campfire – then this Trekka Element Jacket seems like a very clever option. There are still a few earlybird slots left at $229; the campaign is way over-funded and closes out on December 25, 2020. campaign page

By Patrick Kansa

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