Alternate title? That would be “Electrons and magnets, oh my!” Power banks are a hot commodity, and we’ve written our fair share of them. On the lower end, you’ve got stuff that’ll get the job done (topping off your phone, for instance), but not have much flash. The NitroCharge Pro looks to be very much the opposite of that.

As you can see by that gif up at the top of the article, the NitroCharge Pro is all about that MagSafe connection. In fact, the magnet looks like it should be strong enough to actually hold onto the back of the phone itself just fine. So, obviously, this is very much aimed at the new iPhones. What if you’ve got an Android phone that can handle wireless charging? Fear not – they’ve got a ring that you can affix to the back of your phone to make sure the coils are properly aligned.

You might also be looking for something that could power your laptop – and if that’s the case, again, the NitroCharge Pro can help you out here. With the NitroCharge 120, you can actually get your Macbook Pro up to 75% charged within an hour, with doesn’t sound too shabby. Now, if you don’t need that horsepower, there’s also the NitroCharge 30 up for backing at $59, whereas the more-powerful 120 runs $99. Things are fully funded over at Indiegogo (things close out at the end of the month), and it looks like they’re planning to start shipping in April.

By Patrick Kansa

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