And yes, I know what you’re thinking – that’s a flask! Well, no one will stop you from using it that way (it is Friday, after all) but this is intended to be a water bottle. One that (sort of) follows paper sizing conventions, and ends up with a flatter profile that means the Memo Bottle can fit a lot more places.

The way we are with water bottles today, it’s a wonder I just didn’t dry out and blow away in a puff of dust when I was a kid. I mean, we all take water with us everywhere. Sure, you could grab a bottle of water at the corner store, but it’s a lot simpler (and less wasteful) to have your own reusable water bottle with you when you head out. Most water bottles are, of course, round, and are meant to fit into cup or bottle holders. Not so with the Memo Bottle.

No, the Memo Bottle very much resembles a flask – one that’s standard paper-sized – in that it’s much wider than it is thick. Aside from the unique look, that means it’s easy to slip in amongst your notebooks and such, and fit it into places that a regular (read: round) water bottle may not fit in as well.

Prior versions of the Memo Bottle were made from a transparent, hard plastic (and they’re still being sold), which you could then buy a silicone or vegan leather (read: synthetic) sleeve to slide it into for protection. You could also buy different caps to sort of customize it to what you wanted. Here, it’s a much simpler proposition – made of stainless steel (not vacuum insulated, so don’t put coffee in it) and either in matte black or matte white.

If for some reason you’re not already overrun by water bottles, or just want something that’s different and fits into your bag a bit better, it might be interesting to check out what the Memo Bottle has in store. Earlybird pricing starts at $37, and they’ve destroyed their funding goal, with things not closing out until September 16th. campaign page /

By Patrick Kansa

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