Once you get into TTRPGs, you realize something. You’ll always have a soft spot for that very first set of dice you had, but there are so many options out there for the click-clack math rocks that you can’t help but to go looking for some other options. One of the craziest ones I’ve run across is the Flying Horseduck D120.

Now, for those familiar with the standard dice, you might wonder what in the world you could want a 120-sided die for. And sure, a straight-up D120 may not have the most use (unless you’re custom building your own 120-entry encounter tables), but they’ve done something really great here – you can opt for a D20 implementation. It just basically means you’ve got 6 sets of each number. So it rolls just like a D20, and should be just as random, you’re just doing it with a massive chunk of metal.

Make no mistake, you don’t roll the Flying Horseduck D120 without considering where it’s landing. While you can opt for some very colorful metal, the aluminum version still comes in at 0.5lbs. If, instead, you want to go for stainless steel? Now you’re talking 1.4lbs, and (in our opinion) seems to all but require a dice tray to catch the roll.

If you opt for the aluminum version of the Flying Horseduck D120, earlybird pricing starts at $79, while going for the stainless steel takes you up to $109. Those are for the base versions, there are also options for the storage bag it comes in, as well as a very awesome stand so you can gaze into your D120 as if it were an orb. Check out the fully-funded campaign (which closes out on October 27, 2022) right here: campaign page / flyinghorseduck.com

By Patrick Kansa

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