Even before the global pandemic gave us second thoughts about leaving our homes, there was no denying that we were all buying things online more and more. While you could certainly have some things delivered to your office, by and large you’ve got things delivered to home. Which is why we’ve seen articles (and even videos) on package theft going on. Getting video of the perpetrator is one thing, but if you want to prevent it outright? Something like the eufy Security SmartDrop is where it’s at.

If you’re not familiar with eufy at this point, you should be – they’re actually a brand under the Anker umbrella – you know, all those charging solutions that you know and love. And even on the security side, I’ve had that eufy doorbell (which we reviewed here) installed, and it’s another nice piece of kit that gets it’s job done (and has me thinking about putting some of their stand-alone cameras up at the house as well).

And really, those earlier security products really paved the way for the eufy Security SmartDrop, if you think about it. It’s got a camera (1080p, 160? field of view, and night vision), speaker and mic (so you can talk to the delivery person), and it can store its recordings right onto the Homebase (or in the cloud, which is new). So, really, it many ways, eufy is taking its camera technology and treating it like taco fixings – how many different ways can you recombine beef, cheese, and a tortilla?

The new ingredient in this tasty treat is the cold-rolled carbon steel that’s used to form the 68L box that can hold the packages. So long as nothing is in the box, it can be unlocked. The driver comes, puts the package in, closes the lid, and it automatically locks. Or, if you prefer, you can put a pin code in on your delivery instructions, which the driver can then use to unlock the box, put the stuff in, and close it back up. Last but not least, you can also remotely unlock it via the app on your phone (for example, if you forgot to give the PIN in your delivery instructions).

All in all, I think the eufy Security SmartDrop is an interesting solution, particularly if you find yourself ordering more expensive things online for delivery when you’re not home. I may not care if a package of masks disappears, but a new keyboard or phone? Yeah, that would sting. I think the big consideration that you have with the eufy Security SmartDrop is how you’re going to install it. You’ll definitely want to be able to mount it (securely) to the wall or floor of your porch – otherwise, the intrepid porch purloiner can just grab the box as well as the packages in it.

In other words, treat the eufy Security SmartDrop just like a safe that you might think about putting in your house. While the eufy won’t be hidden, it needs to be locked into place in such a way that it’s very difficult to abscond with. Oh, and should you forget your master PIN or the battery pack run out of juice? There is a traditional mechanical lock (that you can open with a key) to get into things. Which I suppose is another entry point if someone was REALLY intent on getting at your deliveries.

I personally find the eufy Security SmartDrop to be an interesting solution, though I feel having a large steel box permanently mounted on my front porch would be a hard sell to my wife. However, plenty of folks have backed the project, with it sitting at almost 600% funding (with plenty of time still to go). If you want to back this project, you can do so at super earlybird pricing of $149 (which is a 50% discount). The project wraps up on October 10, 2020, with delivery anticipated for July 2021. campaign page

Tech Specs from eufy

  • Smart
    • Built-in Camera – 1080p resolution & 160? wide-angle field of view & Night Vision Smart App – Delivery notification & recording
    • Multiple Ways to Open – One Button Open / Pin code / Key / Remote app open Advanced AI – Accurate motion detection and relevant notifications
    • Works with Voice Assistants – Alexa & the Google Assistant compatible
  • Safe
    • Durable – Built using cold-rolled carbon steel & designed to work at -20?C~60?C Weatherproof – IP65 rated camera & inner drainage system
    • Multiple Storage Options – Local storage & Cloud storage
    • Secure Fitting – Locks into place on the floor or wall of your porch
  • Easy to use
    • Courier Guidance – Voice prompt / Light prompt / Instructions sticker
    • Large Capacity – Big enough to fit 98% of packages delivered. Exterior Dimensions: 25.6?H x 17.7?L x 15.0?W. Interior Dimensions: 23.0?H x 14.4?L x 12.6?W (68L)
    • 100% Wire-Free – Removable battery pack with 3-month battery life

By Patrick Kansa

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