We here at Knapsack are big fans of mechanical keyboards, solely for the tactile feedback you get from the keys as you type. These sorts of keyboards have come a long way since their early roots, and can do all sorts of fun things. One the more recent compact boards we’ve seen pop up is the Ajazz K620T.

The Ajazz K620T is a 60% keyboard, which is perfect for fitting into a more compact workspace (much like this Vortex we reviewed). At first, it took some getting used to for working with the smaller board (and not having the 10-key), but now that I’m used to it, I appreciate the space it affords on the desk. Unlike that Vortex, though, the Ajazz K620T has some tricks up it’s sleeve.

First off, it offers full RGB lighting capabilities (which you can cycle through or even turn off). While it may not be necessary in the daylight hours, once it gets darker outside, having the lighting in the keys can definitely improve your typing accuracy. The other fun addition is a bluetooth chip, which allows you to be connected wirelessly to three different devices. And you can switch between those devices with a keypress combination.

Speaking of bluetooth, that’s also why you’ve got what looks to be a pen/pencil slot at the top of the Ajazz K620T. I mean, you could still use it to hold that, but it’s actually a slot to easily hold your tablet or phone in place as you type away. And, should you prefer a wired connection to your computer, you’ve got that option as well (with a USB-A to USB-C cable; USB-C end at the keyboard).

If you’re going fully wireless, the 4,400 mAh battery in the Ajazz K620T will give you up to 880 hours of typing time (with the RGB lighting off), or 50 hours if you’re using the RGB lighting. Finally, notice that knob up in the upper left corner? Easy adjustment for your volume, no questions asked. Earlybird pricing is at a very reasonable $55, with the campaign wrapping on September 18th (and delivery anticipated for October). The campaign is very-much funded, so that seems promising, but this is the brand’s first campaign, so as always, caveat emptor. campaign page

Tech Specs from epomaker

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