You may know Talon & Claw from the variety of gaming accessories that they’ve been making for the past few years, most popular of which being their dice vaults. Well, they’re looking to branch out, so along with launching some new vaults (and new engraved designs), they’re dipping their toes in the waters of some rather high-end dice.

Dice are one of those things you never quite seem to have enough of, or tire of picking up new sets. And hey, when they’re colorful resin sets, they’re not that terribly expensive, and it’s easy to sort of impulse buy. However, these new dice from Talon & Claw, made from glass or semi-precious stones are anything but impulse buys. They’re lovely, no doubt, but they’re running – even at earlybird pricing – $100 for a full 11-piece set of dice. That’s not couch change for sure – but they are quite lovely dice. Many are nice, but I think my money is on the lapis, opalite, or African Blood Stone.

Of course, if you’re getting some brand-spanking new dice, you want to get something to store and carry them in style, yeah? Talon & Claw has you covered, with some new versions of their Council of Eleven dice vaults. These come in at three different tiers ($35 / $45 / $55) depending on the wood that’s used. Past that, you can even get some custom engraving, either of your own or from one of the three artists they collaborated with.

A full set of dice plus a vault starts at $125, which will have you rolling in style. Or, if you’re like me and thinking it’s going to be awhile before seeing any in-person games, maybe their solo d20 ($15) or dual d20s ($25) is a more economical route to try out some of these beautiful dice. The campaign is fully funded at the moment, and runs through May 30th. Check out all the details over at the campaign page.

By Patrick Kansa

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