Of the many things that have taken off with crowdfunding, I think board games is one area that has really bloomed. There have been a tremendous number of innovative and interesting games that large publishers just might not take a chance on. One of the latest to catch my eye is So, You’ve Been Eaten by LudiCreations.

As far as a theme and story go, So, You’ve Been Eaten is a rather interesting one. You see, you’re out in space and need to go mine crystals (as you do). That’s a pretty standard sci-fi plot point. The twist here is that the crystals are inside of beasties (reminds of Stormlight gemhearts, now that I think about it) – so getting swallowed is something you actually want to do.

As you can see from that quick video, there are some interesting things going on with the gameplay in So, You’ve Been Eaten. At it’s core, it’s a two-player game, with one playing as the miner (getting those crystals!) and the other as the beast (trying to take that miner out). Of course, it can be flipped to a single player game (play as either the beast or the miner), or even – somehow – as a zero player game with a robot miner and hibernating beast.

However you play it, it really seems like an interesting concept and adjustments to some standard game mechanics. Pricing starts at $29 for the basic version of the game, and tops out at $49 for the collector’s edition. The campaign is fully funded, with things closing out on March 30th; delivery is anticipated for October 2021. campaign page

By Patrick Kansa

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