As of late, my audio world has been true wireless earbuds (for when I exercise) and over-ear ANC headphones (for while I’m working). There is another category out there for headphones that I have a bit of a fascination with – bone conduction headsets. My buddy got a pair a few years ago, and I was surprised by how well they worked. Well, now we’ve got Sentien bringing another set to your cranium.

If you’re not familiar with bone conduction technology, this article will give you the lowdown. As that article points out, these are sort of the opposite of noise-cancelling headphones (though these have noise cancellation on the mics to clean up your calls). By this, I mean it’s letting more ambient sound in (as your ears aren’t covered or blocked), while allowing you to hear what your device is pushing out. In other words, perfect for hearing what’s going on around you as you bike or run outside, or have some background tunes going while you’re working on things.

As with most higher-end headsets we see coming out these days, there’s an associated app for your phone. Along with allowing you to do stuff like update the firmware on the headset, it also allows you to change around what the touch controls do on the headset, which seems rather clever.

The Sentien headset also only weighs 30g, due in large part to the titanium construction. This means they should be comfortable to wear all the live long day – handy for the 10-hour play time you can get having the music going non-stop. Which is to say, with non-continuous use, you’ll get longer runtime than that no doubt (closer to 24-hours per their specs), and can charge back up to full in just 60 minutes.

There’s a lot of interesting stuff going on with the Sentien, and others are agreeing, given that the campaign is already funded, with it still running until April 15th. If you’re looking to have one of these to wrap around your noggin when they ship in September, you’ll need to pledge $229 to secure your own. You can do that, and check out all the details, over at the campaign page.

Tech Specs from Sentien

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