Nixie tubes are something that have held a fascination for me, just because they encapsulate that retro-futuristic cool vibe. Or at least, that’s what I pick up from them. Of course, those tubes are not the easiest to find, and are finicky as any old bit of electronics will be. So, what if we emulated the look and feel with modern tech? That’s what the Rotrics Nextube is figuring out.

On one hand, the Rotrics Nextube looks like many Nixie tube clocks that came before it. Here, though, rather than those tubes, you’ve got small IPS displays in each of the six sections. That means, while you can easily emulate the look of the Nixie tubes, you can also have it show all manner of different fonts.

That capability of the Rotrics Nextube also means you can do things like have it show the current weather, counts from whatever app, and do things like using it as a timer. In other words, a lot of everyday functionality that your phone can offer you, in that retro futuristic look of things. To jump in on one of these is not inexpensive, but reasonable when compared to a less-functional Nixie tube clock kick. Earlybird pricing is running at $149 at this point. As should surprise no one, the campaign is fully funded, with things closing out on September 21. Check it all out at the campaign page.

Tech Specs from Rotrics

By Patrick Kansa

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