Back in June, we brought you word of the first product from the crew at Roll and Play that aimed to help you prepare your campaign – or even make some on-the-fly decisions when your players derail things. Now, if you’re looking for some helping creating your NPCs – or even player characters – they’re back with the Roll & Play Character Creator.

Just as with the prior project, the Roll & Play Character Creator will help you create characters, and flesh out all manner of attributes, via the roll of the dice. While some folks may prefer to get down to every minute detail of a character, I think many would appreciate the assist that random number tables could provide. Me, I wouldn’t use it for all aspects of my own PCs, but it could be fun for fleshing out things at the fringes of a character idea. Or, you know, adding some aspect sort of on the fly you’ve not thought of.

I’ve got their prior project on-hand, and the printing and binding are really well done, so I’d expect the same here. If you prefer digital versions, they’ve got you covered. And on the print side, they’ve got some rather nice limited-edition options as well. Frankly, the pricing tiers are many, starting at about $16 and going up from there. You can see the full list of pricing options right here:

It should be no surprise that they’ve smashed through their funding goal already (given how well the prior project went), with the campaign running until March 25th. Check it out, and get your pledge in, over at the campaign page.

By Patrick Kansa

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