There’s no denying the fun that can be had with a good old roleplaying game (aka RPG). Unless you’ve got someone who’s ready to start building a world, though, it can be hard to get the gang together for some hijinks. One of the one-page RPG systems can help there, of course. A soon-closing Kickstarter seems to be an evolution of that a bit as well – One Roll Chronicles.

One Roll Chronicles is a follow-on to One Roll Quest. In that, you roll one big die (which then has additional colored dice inside of it) and work through the results. With One Roll Chronicles, it turns past being more than being a one-shot, to something that can feel a bit more epic.

It may not be a system for those who really want to get crunchy with the rules, but if you’re looking for a quick pickup-and-go setting, or something to introduce folks to the idea of a TTRPG, hard to argue against something like this, especially with that great artwork. The campaign is just shy of it’s funding goal, and closes out on June 11, 2022. For $5 you can get a PDF version of the new game, while $9 gets you the same but in print. Go to $15 and you get the original version of the game as well, along with that clever die. Check it all out over at the campaign page

By Patrick Kansa

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