I’ve been thinking about desk chairs for a few weeks now, for one very simple reason. My 10+ year old Ikea chair – while still functional – can no longer lock into position, meaning if I lean back it reclines back on me. So, that’s my cue to start looking around. That means I’m now also seeing ads for all sorts of chair options, and one that came up was this new crowdfunding campaign for the Newtral Ergonomic Chair.

The Newtral Ergonomic Chair features a lot of things I’m seeing in the new chairs, now that I’m taking a look at them. Adjustable arm rests, changeable height, the usual things for chairs. Here, rather than relying on a tall back with a pad in it to allow you to rest your head and provide lumbar support, you’ve got three segments. The lowest one is set on what looks like a small piston that keeps the lumbar support engaged with your lower back. Above that you’ve got a more standard mesh back to support your upper body, and then you’ve got a headrest above that.

The headrest of the Newtral Ergonomic Chair is particularly interesting to me, as I’m a taller guy, and most chairs just aren’t tall enough for me to comfortably lean back in. Here, the stem of the headrest looks to be pretty long, so it seems like it’ll fit even my elongated torso.

Should you recline back (and you can set 5 different locked positions) in the Newtral Ergonomic Chair, there’s another feature that I’m seeing more now as well – a fold-out footrest (on the Pro version, at least). They say it’s to help with circulation and whatnot, but we all know what it means for those of us in a WFH situation – lean back, bump out the footrest, and take a quick nap over your lunch break, am I right?

The Newtral Ergonomic Chair is funding over on Indiegogo right now, and they’ve blown way past their funding goal. The campaign is going until mid-September, with delivery anticipated for November 2021 (so, we’ll see if we’re all still at home at that point or not). You can pick up the Newtral Standard for $269 (about a 52% discount on MSRP), while the upgraded Newtral Pro (see the specs below for the differences, but highlights are the footrest, an aluminum base, and increased recline) will run you $329. Check it all out over at the campaign page.

Tech Specs from Newtral

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