While CES has come and gone, there’s still some fun new things to tell you about. Sometimes those announcements are for things way off in the distant future, and sometimes they hit the shelves immediately. This Nebula Cosmos Laser 4K Projector falls somewhere in-between: you can back it today, and have it delivered in March.

So, who is this Nebula company? You’ve no doubt seen ads for their Capsule projectors, or maybe even have one. Well, the not-so-hidden secret here is that it’s none other than Anker behind this brand, a proven name in consumer electronics. Also the fact that the Capsule projectors have been around should give you some comfort in this new addition.

So, why lasers? Well, it’s because they’re just so darn bright, isn’t it? The claim here is that it can output 2400 lumens, bright enough to still maintain visibility when the sun is out and shining. Does that mean you’re going to be blinded if you walk in front of it? Nope! They’ve got a sensor that shuts the light off to protect sensitive eyes. What about the lamp inside? Those can become spendy consumables in projectors. Here again, you’re covered – the included bulb is rated for 25,000 hours, so you’l be able to use it for quite some time.

Past that, you’ve got all the things we’ve come to expect from projectors these days, including auto-keystone correction. What about auto-focus? Turns out these laser projectors don’t need that, they’re always in focus (science!) It’s got a variety of inputs (both wired and wireless), so you can watch whatever you want, whether or not you want to use the built-in Android TV functionality.

All of this means that the Nebula Cosmos Laser 4K Projector, with it’s compact size, will make it easy to setup a movie night wherever you want, whether it’s in the kids room, out in the backyard, or even off in some random field. Hook it into a portable power bank (say, like this one) and you can go and go and go. You don’t even have to mess with speakers if you don’t want to, as it’s got audio built right in.

For the crowd-funding campaign that’s going on (and ends on February 25, 2022), you’ve got two options. You can back the Nebula Cosmos Laser Projector (1080p) for $1,099 or you can go for the full 4K option at tiers that start at $1,499. Unsurprisingly, the campaign is way over-funded. Given the fact that Anker is behind this, we should see this being delivered to doorsteps in March as they’re predicting. seenebula.com / campaign page

Tech Specs from Nebula

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