While digital cameras have no doubt make photography simpler and more ubiquitous, you sort of miss that instant gratification from the hard-copy a Polaroid would give you. And for my own kids, who have cameras, they love taking photos, but they also love seeing them printed out. That’s where the myFirst Insta Wi can come into play.

First off, it’s a camera designed to be easy to use, and easier to hold, for smaller hands. What it brings to the party is that it’s also got a thermal printer inside it, which allows you to print out monochromatic versions of the photos you’re taking. This gives you that instant gratification, while also providing the print at a reasonable price. Should they capture something that’s really great, you can get it off the camera via USB or the flash memory card, and then get a true printout made (with a resolution of up to 12M, it should be a good quality).

They’ve also made the myFirst Insta Wi a bit more useful as well, by allowing it to print out labels (you know, address labels, package labels, whatever labels). Fortunately, you don’t have to design those on the camera itself. For that, you’ve got a companion app on your phone that you can design your labels, and even change what size those print out at.

The campaign for this camera / thermal printer combo is well under way, and has smashed it’s funding goal. Earlybird pricing can have you snapping one of these up for $79 with five rolls of thermal paper. Just move quickly if you’re interested, as the campaign closes out on October 14, 2021. kickstarter.com

By Patrick Kansa

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