If you recall, we’ve reviewed items from MP Magic before – their socks. Well, now they’re expanding the products they’re offering, and taking a look at the very start of your day, when you’re hitting the shower. To that end, they’ve introduced a new Kickstarter campaign for the MP Magic Waffle Towel.

So, how is it that you make a towel interesting? Well, for one, you start with the material used. In this case, the MP Magic Waffle Towel relies on 100% Egyptian cotton, a variety known as Giza 86. It has even longer fibers than Egyptian long-staple cotton, which should make for a more robust and long-lasting towel.

The second thing that the MP Magic Waffle Towel does to keep things interesting is the waffle knit. This provides a lot of nooks and crannies to absorb water, and then with the waffle knit, hold the water away from your skin while you’re addressing your post-shower routine. Given how the waffle knit is achieved, the brand says their is more space between the fibers, helping the towel to remain light, and dry more quickly.

All in all, the MP Magic Waffle Towel seems like an interesting potential upgrade to your linens at home. The campaign – which ends October 3 – has hit it’s funding goal. Which is interesting, as this is not an inexpensive towel. Earlybird pricing starts at $30, and multi-packs save you a few dollars. Is the towel worth it? Well, we’ve got a sample on the way, so we’ll be able to give you a better sense of it in the near future. campaign page / mpmagicsocks.com

By Patrick Kansa

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