We’ve talked about a number of Keychron keyboards before, and wouldn’t you know it, they just keep making new models. This time around, it’s the Keychron K7 that’s destroying it’s funding goal.

Frankly, it doesn’t make a lot of sense that Keychron is using Kickstarter as an order management platform. They’re established, and obviously have a loyal following, given how their prior campaigns have gone. Nevertheless, they’re still using KS, so I suppose they still see the benefit. Sure, the fact that they can determine demand before actually spinning up production helps, but the cynical me makes it feel more like it’s those “always on sale” stores going on here, with getting you a discount off of the MSRP for backing the campaign.

With the Keychron K7, you’re getting a 65% layout keyboard, which is excellent for smaller workspaces. It’s also rather thin – when you’ve not extended the feet to raise it up, it’s actually as short as a quarter stood on edge. This is accomplished by the low profile keycaps and switches, which even so, you still have a lot of options on those switches – optical or mechanical, and you can get it with either a solid white backlight, or an adjustable RGB backlighting.

Also in the options side of things, you can choose to work wireless – with up to 3 devices – or you can hook in the USB-C cable for a wired connection (which, one presumes, would also be charging up the internal battery). And yes, you can have the option of Windows or Mac keycaps, so you’ve got all sorts of device flexibility. For me, I am intrigued by the Keychron K7. I like the fact that you’ve still got the arrow keys, and I could quickly get used to not having the number pad over on the right. Rewards start at $64, and top out at $84 for hot-swappable switches with RGB backlighting. Check it all out before the campaign closes down on August 13, 2021. campaign page

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