For brewing up coffee in the outdoors, you’ve got all manner of options. While I started out with an Aeropress for our car camping, now I’ve got a more old-school percolator setup for my camp stove. If you want something even more minimalistic than that, you can opt for coffee in tea bags, instant coffee, or the JoGo coffee “brewing” straw.

To be fair, to call the JoGo a brewing straw is a bit of a misnomer. It’s not brewing anything. To use it for coffee, you simply brew yourself up some “cowboy coffee” by dumping grounds into a cup, cover it with hot water, and then wait till it’s hit the brew level you wanted. Then it’s time to drink! That’s where the JoGo shines. It’s a straw with a fine metal filter in the end, allowing you to get the caffeine delivery without worrying about straining coffee grounds through your teeth.

The one potential risk with sucking coffee up through a straw is that you’ll have some high-velocity, high-temperature liquid hitting your mouth, which would be less than pleasant. So of course, you’ll want to let it cool a bit, but the tip of the straw has a bite to it, allowing you to adjust the flow of what’s coming through the straw.

Frankly, if you’re going ultra-minimalist and want your coffee on the go, instant is your simplest bet. You want that rich taste of freshly-ground, good quality coffee? Then that’s where the JoGo is at. The campaign is running through May 14th (and it’s fully funded) with you able to get one for just $17. campaign page /

By Patrick Kansa

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