Some of the most engaging and entertaining podcasts I’ve been listening to over the last year or two have been those that are real-play shows that explore TTRPG systems other than DnD. To that end, there’s a Kickstarter going on now for one of the more recent, that’s actually still fleshing out the world and mechanics – Into the Mother Lands.

To be fair, I got in to Into the Mother Lands because of a real-play DnD show (the very awesome Rivals of Waterdeep). As I mentioned, though, Into the Mother Lands is very much not DnD. This is for a variety of reasons, but the biggest is this – rather than being set in the very medieval European fantasy worlds, this system goes into an Afrofuturist realm. With the game design itself is coming from the minds of a lot of very creative POC RPG designers, there’s an approach to things that is going to give you something much different than you’re likely used to from prior systems.

Past that, there are several other reasons for why Into the Mother Lands is different . As I mentioned, it’s more sci-fi than fantasy, and it started life as a system that is Primed by Cortex. There are a number of different mechanics (dice pools for one, and a very give-and-take mechanic between the story teller and the players) that take some getting used to. That said, that’s why the Into the Mother Lands podcast is so great – as the system is fleshed out and figured out, you’re learning right along with the players.

Of course, if you’re more for reading up on it yourself – or perhaps starting up your own campaign after listening to the excellent podcast of Into the Mother Lands, then the Kickstarter campaign is where you need to head. They’ve already smashed their goal (in the first day, easily) with things running until June 20th. $10 gets you the quickstart guide and intro rules that they’ve used in the streams, $25 gets you the digital version of the source book, and $50 adds in a physical copy of the book; there are additional tiers past that that bring along some other interesting perks. Head on over to the campaign page, and remember to “treat each other luxuriously”. campaign page

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