We here at Knapsack like our batteries. I mean, batteries make much of our modern life possible. While we’ve all got some sort of portable batteries available, fewer of us have a UPS for our computer at home, and even fewer have something that would approach being a whole-house (or at least critical systems) battery, and the blipOne Home Battery looks to address that.

The callout there about a UPS was not a mistake. Realistically, the blipOne Home Battery is a supersized version of the UPS you might have used before, albeit with a Lithium Iron Phosphate battery (rather than lead acid). This battery also keeps connections simple – you’ve got four standard (for the US) grounded outlets, nothing more. No USB ports, no special connectors, none of that.

In terms of super-sized, the blipOne Home Battery is something you’d need a spot in your home for. It’s about the size of those portable electric radiators, or perhaps a small roll-aboard carryon. One aspect they are driving with the blipOne Home Battery is one I hadn’t thought about before – “hacking” your electric bill. By that, there’s an included app (of course) that can link in with your electricity provider. Then it can figure out when it’s cheapest to fill up the internal battery, then allowing you to power off of the battery (instead of the grid) when prices rise. Of course, that’ll eat into your 3000 charge cycles, but it’s a clever application.

The blipOne Home Battery has doubled it’s funding goal, and still has a few more days left to go before things close out on December 19 at 1:59 AM (Central). For $799 you can get some peace of mind in your house, with delivery anticipated for July 2022. blipenergy.com / kickstarter.com

Tech Specs from blipenergy

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