When it comes to crowd-funded games, they tend towards the massive. In other words, it’s a giant box (or you’ll wish you had a giant box) with a zillion tokens, a 50-page rulebook, and the requirement of a table large enough that it could have housed a Viking feast. Or, you know, you could get something like Dust Biters.

Dust Biters eschews all of fiddly bits and complex rules, and manages to build a game out of – get this – just 21 cards. You and your opponent are in rival car games, and you’re racing along – whatever car is in back is left to be swallowed up by the dust storm.

From going through some of the quick videos I’ve found, this looks like a really clever game. Along with it’s compact size, I rather like the fact that it can be played in 15 minutes between two players. That means it’s fit for a quick palate cleanser between games, or something you get multiple quick rounds in.

However you play it, if you look at this and think it’s a card-based mashup of Car Wars and Carmageddon (well, at least that’s what I saw) then you’re no doubt interested. It’s running over on Kickstarter right now, through September 1, 2021. They’re just about at their funding goal, and $27 gets you your own copy of the game (with tiers going up to you being able to get your own car as a custom card). Check it all out before things close out at the campaign page

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