I’m always curious about the sort of things being thought up by outdoors brands. While I’m not leaping at every new thing that comes along, there’s some clever stuff that comes along that’s worth a second look, like the Crua Crucoon.

On one hand, the Crua Crucoon sort of looks like someone took a dome tent design, and made it out of a puffer jacket instead of thinner nylon. And in a sense, that is what is going on here, as it is lightly insulated. Far from being an outdoors shelter, this is more along the lines of something I had as a kid, a tent that fit onto a bed. The footprint here means it won’t fit on a bed necessarily, but it’s a similar concept.

Here, the Crua Crucoon gives you a small bit of isolation (if you’re looking for that) from noise or light, or you can open it on up and have a sort of indoors camping setup. To use it outdoors, you’d want to have it under some sort of tarp or awning, as while it’s water resistant, it’s not waterproof.

The Crua Crucoon is an interesting innovation, though the $399 earlybird pricing means it’s not exactly a kids toy (though they’d no doubt love it). If you think you might want to pick one of these inflatable tents up, move quickly, as the campaign closes out on on September 22, 2022 at 1pm Central. campaign page / cruaoutdoors.com

Specs from Crua

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