I’ve been a fan of what Coalatree has been producing, from super comfortable lightweight pants to things like a hoodie made out of recycled coffee grounds. As someone who tends to burn quite easily in the summertime, their latest project was quite interesting to me: the Coalatree Suray Sun Shirt.

Now, the Coalatree Suray Sun Shirt blocks UV not just by being a long-sleeved shirt with a hood (though, that does help, of course). For the material they’re using here, they partnered with Acteev to get a material that has zinc embedded in it (you know, the mineral in the bright white sunblock). This helps up the shirt to a UPF 50 rating, as well as helping keep the odor-free. This is not a spray on coating, but is instead part of the fibers of the material, meaning it should stay working for a good long time, even through multiple washes.

The Coalatree Suray Sun Shirt also packs in 4-way stretch, meaning it’s not going to bind you up, whatever it is you’re doing, whether it’s bombing along the bike path or just hanging out at the beach. For me (and yeah, I’ve backed it) I’m just glad to have a sunshirt option that doesn’t feel like it’s a skintight rash guard (which, yup, I use those in the water) so you can have a lightweight layer to keep from turning a lovely shade of lobster.

Want to back one of these eco-friendly shirts? Then you’re in luck. The campaign for the Coalatree Suray Sun Shirt runs through May 2, 2022, and is already over 300% funded at the time of writing. Earlybird pricing starts at $49, and if you miss that, it’s just $59 for this eco-friendly warm weather layer. campaign page / coalatree.com

By Patrick Kansa

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